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Honoring the least dominant possibilities 

now the heart that is open

to plunder

perplexed under the moon 


Every now and then, the potentiality inherent in the self seeks arbitrary vengeance on the carrier, for reasons obvious. The example with the box containing a cat that is either alive or fatally poisoned is another way of implying this need for outbreak. It is because it forces the observer to come up with a plausible explanation – a decision.

Choosing from a variety of potentials, and paving the path for the chosen(s) to be realized, is one manifestation. The other begins with the leftovers; the ones that are left behind and not blessed with the breath of life.

They will, whether you are aware or not, ask you to take care of each of these potentials. If missed or avoided, the self, then, will inevitably face the inner turmoil that may very well be interpreted as the derailment of the course of life.

Comet Jacques (C/2014 E2) crossing btw the Heart & Soul Nebulae


and the strike of light

merging through the horizon 

with ever changing fate of whom 

the heart belongs


Therefore, what comes to mind is to look out for the weaker possibilities of expression, and utilize them accordingly, in order to avoid any confusion as to existence.


dives into life 


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The art of Self-sufficiency and getting a new hair cut

A bunch of upcoming events led me to an urgent preparation, and I cut my hair this morning. This is probably the fourth time I do it by myself, and with each cut more and more of me wants to hand it to my careful fingers and the years-old shaving machine the next time I’ll need a haircut.

Whether cutting one’s own hair makes for a test of self-sufficiency is of question, I do feel pretty empowered each time I look at the mirror. Nothing hard in it tho, as no artistic concern is at place.


Sometimes I find myself thinking about the post-apocalyptic times, where scarcity of food and water, and the technological means we benefit today, lead us to take care of ourselves the hard way. And when that times come, I don’t like to be the needy guy who hopelessly tries to figure out how to survive. This might seem very atavistic. But I think the beginning of human history still plays out on the scene this day.

Having said this, I think I must make use of and include this ability to my CV. Perhaps the interviewers are keen on hiring a self-sufficient graduate always prepared for a doomsday scenario.

Wishing myself good-luck at the next week’s interviews.

Self-sufficiently yours,

The guy who’s second next greatest achievement is cutting his own hair since he learned peeing without help at 3.

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